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Motto:  “Newly – better – more rapidly“

EUROFORM Group s.r.o. policy is based on our decision to start general development of our company from introduction of the quality management system, system of care of customers and our staff.

In all of its activities EUROFORM Group s.r.o. aims at and has the intention to create a flourishing company able to defy all competition through price and quality of its products and services and having achieved the required efficiency and stability.

Its main field of business are construction of covers, sampling of covers, design, development, production and servicing of flat and rotary cutting tools determined for cutting covers from smooth and corrugated board, consultancy in the area of production of covers and all equipment, materials and system in the field (cover solutions made-to-measure acc. to the customers’ requirements) for large, but especially a wide assortment for small and medium businesses in the Czech Republic and abroad depending by the customers’ request.

EUROFORM Group s.r.o. bases its business activities on ability to react flexibly to the existing demand. That is why the company will diversify its activities and develop activities also in other areas of the market offering possibility to ensure growth of the company.

EUROFORM Group s.r.o.  undertakes:

Objectives aiming at the market

  1. To maintain and develop customer and market orientated environment in the company satisfying decisive needs of the customers – quality, wide assortment, rate of deliveries.
  2. To strengthen market position, to improve quality of servicing and to strengthen innovation activities.
  3. To expand the business, to strengthen export to selected regions abroad.
  4. To guarantee high quality as obvious part of our services rendered to customers.
  5. To ensure specific needs of our customers.

Economic objectives

  1. To create strong in financial terms, stable in economic terms and flourishing paper mill.
  2. To reduce costs – to exploit labor force more efficiently and to introduce economy measures in the area of material consumption and overhead costs.
  3. To increase margin and profitability of production – optimization of product and business portfolio.
  4. To achieve positive cash flow, optimum economic results enabling further development of the company.
  5. To develop and to apply permanently efficient system of financial management.

Objectives in the property area

  1. To implement the project of creating conditions necessary for development of production and sale of covers on European standard level.
  2. To modernize production, machinery and technological equipment, administrative and stock hinterland.
  3. to sell unnecessary tangible property.

Objectives in the area of personnel policy of the company

  1. To apply permanently and to develop working and efficient management structures.
  2. To introduce motivation system influencing efficiency of the staff, getting a team of personnel of high quality who see their future in connection with the firm.
  3. To extend possibilities of professional growth and growth of the staff qualification through education and training, to concentrate on education of young workers.
  4. To strengthen the company culture, to introduce company visual style.

The general objectives of the company are specified and quantified in the form of target values in the plan or in individual programs.

We will be able to meet the demanding objectives if the following engagements of the company are met.

To reach the above-mentioned objectives the EUROFORM Group s.r.o. management undertake:

  • to ensure systematic quality management in accordance with requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2000,
  • to create personnel, organizational and financial resources necessary for introduction, maintenance and development of the system in the company,
  • to create and apply control system necessary for verification of the system and increase of its efficiency,
  • to increase permanently the staff qualification necessary to implement tasks in the area of strategic management,
  • to define principles and measures necessary to remove possible non-compliances and to prevent their rise,
  • to evaluate the management system so that its permanent adequacy, suitability and efficiency is ensured.

As a part of introduction of the quality management system EUROFORM Group s.r.o. will exert pressure on the subcontractors so that they meet general rules by requiring guarantees in the area of services that may bring uncontrolled negative effects to the company activities.

Through efficient communication and permanent training of all employees the company will ensure active involvement of all employees into the quality management system and assurance of the customer satisfaction.

The policy is binding for all of the employees and it is reflected in all activities of the company. The management provide efficient and professional assistance necessary to ensure successful application of the policy, and they are responsible for suitable adjustment of the quality management system, its improvement, quality assurance and creating conditions necessary for its permanent improvement with parallel meeting of all applicable legal and other requirements.

In Velká nad Veličkou of 22.8.2006                                              

 Pavel Polehňa, CEO